Betina Waissman, Madrid

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Betina Waissmanborn in 1956 in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, lives in Madrid, Spain since 1997.


  • Training in Authentic Movement: since 1995 with Marcia Plevin, Neala Haze, Zoe Avstreih, Joan Chodorow, Tina Stromstead and Janet Adler. Working and supervising regularly with Janet Adler since 2000.
  • Training as psychotherapist: Reichian training in CIO-RJ, Brasil since 1985 and E.S.TE.R.- Valencia, Spain since 1999.
  • Rio Abierto System (body movement approach towards health): trains with Graciela Figueroa, Grupo Coringa and Rio Abierto Buenos Aires (1985).
  • Trained in the Hoffman Quadrinity Process (1996).
  • EMDR levels I and II (2002).
  • Formed in Restoration of Relationships with Suzana Stroke (2008-9).
  • Bachelor in Sociology and Politics (PUC – RJ, Brasil 1978).
  • Actress in Tá Na Rua theater group 1976 to 1996 (Rio de Janeiro, Brasi).
  • Eneagram with Claudio Naranjo in 1985 and collaborator in his SAT Program internationally since 1992.
  • Teacher of Movement and Expression in the acting school: Estudio Corazza para el Actor since 1995 (Madrid, Spain).
  • Teacher of Rio Abierto System; co-founder of Espacio Movimiento – Rio Abierto Spain (1999).
  • Collaborates in different therapeutic training programs in Spain, Mexico, Brasil and Argentina since 1992.
  • Collaborator in Susana Estela’s “Body and Art” training program in Spain since 2008.
  • Member of the ADMTE (Spanish Association of Dance Movement Therapy)
  • Publishes the article: „Authentic Movement: Moving the Body, Moving the Soul“ in the Spanish AETG Gestalt Journal of 2008

Works in the fields of art and theater, health and personal growth both individually and in group context.

Works fluently in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Gives training in Authentic Movement (more groups see seminars)

Training groups: an initiation group is being organized to start in 2014. An advanced group is meeting twice a year.

Authentic Movement for actors: ongoing work with students of Advanced level in the Estudio Corazza para el Actor –

Collaboration in the SAT Program 2013:

México: March 11 to 18 –

Brasil: May 25 to June 2 –

Spain: July 10 to 19 –

Germany: October 3 to 8 –

Training group México:

2013: Advanced: February 6 to 10

2014: Advanced: February 7 to 11

Initiation: 13 to 16 February and October 22 to 26

Training group Argentina 2013:

Initiation: July 24 to 28 and November 6 to 10



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